Faculty are walking and rolling their way to wellness.

Obesity, hypertension and depression are chronic diseases all people are susceptible to, but sitting down at your desk could be the catalyst to these problems.

“When it comes to disease prevention, sustained life and being healthy in general, you gotta move,” Kim Jones, 37, El Camino strength and conditioning coach, said.

Every Wednesday, EC faculty engage in the Warrior Roll Out, which is a two part program that focuses on stretching and rolling exercises designed to alleviate conditions that may occur due to being sedentary for extended periods of time.

“We’re here to help people take a break from their desk, lengthen their muscles, relieve their stress, to move and feel better,” Jones said.

The purpose of roll out is to lengthen the muscles. When your muscles are shortened, they tend to decrease in blood flow. It can also improve the flushing of waste products and assist in healing arthritis, tendinitis, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome.

“I feel like it’s lacking in the general population. It’s a gym culture thing,” Jones said. “The goal is to get to the faculty to a point where they start to become more active.”

The second part of the program involves walk around campus, laps around the track of Warrior Stadium, or even a stroll through Alondra Park.

“Moving and getting blood flow into our muscles it’s imperative,” Jones said.

Jones began as personal trainer in 2002, later collegiate strength and conditioning in 2008 with UCLA, then with U.S. Tennis Association and Cal State Northridge before arriving here at EC.

“I didn’t really want to be a teacher or a coach, I felt like strength and conditioning is where my passion is,” Jones said.

One of the founders of this initiative is EC accounting technician, Luukia Smith, 54, who is also a member of the Staff Development Committee.

“A lot people get caught up in their work and the day is gone and you forget to get up and move,” Smith said. “Here is the one day a week where we are consciously trying to get you up off of your desk and do some stuff.”

The program began during the first week of the semester and, although still in it’s infancy, both Jones and Smith would like to see it expand with enrollment and variety.

“We would love to see the program grow a little bit with yoga workouts and Zumba,” Smith said.

They also hope to increase the frequency of the program to more than one day a week and to incorporate other wellness aspects such as nutrition and massage therapy.

“People think massage therapy should be something you do on vacation. That should be part of your daily regime,” Jones added.

One faculty member is already noticing a difference after four weeks.

“Try it. It (has) helped me,” videographer, Norman Foster, 55, said. “In the beginning I was in the back of the group. Now I’m up in the front.”

As of right now this program is open to all EC employees every Wednesday from 12 to 1 p.m. for the rolling portion in the East Dining Room. The walking group meets at 2:30 p.m. near the southeast end of the Warrior Stadium.