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Library to install new printing system for students to use in the fall of 2017

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The El Camino Library will be modernizing their copying and printing systems with a new state of the art system made by Ricoh the Public Access Librarian said.

Ricoh is a prominent manufacturer of computer peripheral imaging equipment, according to their website.

“It will be easier for students to print both from their personal devices via Wi-Fi as well as being able to print just from our computer stations on campus,” Gary Medina, PAL, said.

Medina said, that the library will be more efficient and easier to support the students.

“The new copier and printing system will have a user friendly touch screen similar to what you would see on your smartphone or iPad so it would be a lot more current and new,” Medina said.

Students in the Library gave their thoughts about the new system Andres Ramirez, 19, Chicano studies major and Adali Gamboa, 23, film and video major had this to say.

“I use the printers in the Library twice a week when my teacher’s assign a topic,” Ramirez said. “I would like to see more stations for people to print out because it really gets packed at times.”

“I usually print out essays and homework mostly for my English and communication class,” Gamboa said. “I was satisfied with the old printing system you just put money in and it just prints itself electronically and it would be nice to have a little bit more user friendly machines with bigger keyboards.”

Medina said I think it’s going to be a good thing for the Library to have a new printing system.

“But we don’t have it set up just yet. It’s scheduled to be available in the summer session time,” Medina said. “Hopefully by the end of July we will have the system in place ready for students in the fall and that’s the goal.”

“As for credit on the old system carrying over to the new system that is something being worked out,” Medina said. “We can’t answer that question now it won’t be available until July.”

Arthur Leible, chief technology officer, said in an email he could not discuss the contract.

“I am not in any postion to discuss the pending contract. As ITS (Information Technology Services), we can only support in the background, but we must wait until everything is completed contractually,” Leible said in an email.

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Library to install new printing system for students to use in the fall of 2017