Local reporters speak to the broadcast club about their careers

The El Camino News Broadcasting Club hosted two local reporters in the Student Services Center on Friday morning.

A small crowd of 15 students sat in the room, most of whom are members of the club that want to pursue a career in broadcasting.

Beto Duran, a former EC student and current blow-by-blow broadcaster for Golden Boy Promotions, was one of the two guests speakers.

The other speaker was Jamie Maggio, an EMMY Award winning University of California Santa Barbara graduate and current Spectrum Television host for the Lakers.

Maggio has also worked as a sportscaster for Fox Sports, TNT, and KCAL.

The event took awhile to put together because of the paperwork necessary to file with the school in order to bring a guest to campus, according to Jonathan Ortiz, the treasurer of the club.

“I wish it was easier to bring in professionals to campus,” Ortiz said. “More people would have showed up if the process was not a hassle.”

Despite a small crowd, the students were happy that Duran and Maggio came out to give them advice and tips.

Freshman student and member of the club, Diego Perdom, said he liked the fact that the speakers were honest.

“I liked how they were not sugar coating anything,” Perdom said. “It’s not as easy as one may think. It takes hard work and you are going to be denied many times. They said that you need to have thick skin in order to get through and succeed.”

It’s been 20 years since Duran was a student at El Camino.

He said that he’s all for any advice that he can give to a fellow Warrior.

“Coming here was a good experience, it reminded me when I was a student,” Duran said. “You can hear the passion and you can see the excitement. Believe in yourself, never take anything personal, work harder than anybody else, and when one door closes, find another door to push open.”

According to the Emmy Award winner Maggio, being confident and being yourself is going to make you a better sportscaster.

“Being someone that people want to work with is important,” she said. “Being reliable, hard working and nice are some of the many qualities you need, honestly.”