Physical altercation between students begins after verbal argument

A fight occurred today involving three students near the Humanities Building and parking Lot A around 1:30 p.m., a reporter from “The Union” who witnessed the incident said.

Two of the students, a male and female, were engaged in a heated argument while another male student tried to separate them.

A Union reporter said the male student was yelling in the female student’s face saying, “you’re extra, you’re extra,” as the other male student continued to try to break up the fight by pushing the male aside and telling him to leave the female alone.

When he moved out of the way the male student forcefully pushed the body of the female.

ECPD officers nearby saw the fight occurring and ran to the scene to break it up. They called officers in a patrol car that were monitoring Lot B, who arrived and detained both of the male students for questioning.

The female student was also taken aside for questioning.

A male student, who was not involved in the incident, was walking away from the scene; when a reporter asked him if he saw the fight he popped his collar and said “I’m (not a) snitch.”

Students nearby who witnessed the incident said that the male student who popped his collar was a cousin of one of the males arrested in the incident.

Cristian Iglesias, administration of justice major, 23, saw the fight but said he wanted to “mind my own business,” rather than get involved.

ECPD was contacted but referred all questions to Community Relations Director Ann Garten, who was in a meeting and could not comment.

Reporting by Keith Francis and Christina Lyon