Unruly man causes disturbance in Counseling Office

A man attempting to register for classes in the Counseling Office caused a commotion when he began shouting at employees of the office on Wednesday, Sept. 28.

“[The police call] was [for] a creepy guy,” Araceli Rodriguez, 21, business major and director of financing for ASO, said. “He’s been causing problems since 11 (a.m.) this morning.”

Rodriguez added that the man was trying to get everything for his registration done right away, frustrating him that the process could not be completed all at once.

Upon asking employees in the Counseling Office for more information on the incident, “The Union” was asked to speak to the employees’ supervisor, Toni Newman, who referred all questions to ECPD.

Operator 5 for ECPD then referred all questions to Community Relations Director Ann Garten, who was stuck in “meetings,” her secretary said and could not comment by deadline.