Student pulls knife during altercation in Financial Aid Office

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, two students engaged in a verbal dispute that escalated into one of the students pulling a knife in the Financial Aid Office.

A “Union” reporter witnessed the student who pulled the knife, a skinny male Hispanic with a beard and a blue bowling shirt, pulled an approx. four-inches-long Swiss Army pocketknife out of his pocket on the student, shouting “You wanna go, let’s go!”

The student who pulled a knife reached out to “The Union” hoping to shed some light on the situation, after “feeling discriminated against.”

When the student who was in line at the Financial Aid Office was standing in line waiting for his turn, the other man walked in front of him and was assumed to be cutting.

“I honestly was threatened when the man stepped up to me (especially) with the attacks that has been happening lately,” the student who pulled a knife said in an email. “The high school i went to people use to get jump and stabbed while trying to use the restroom and simply standing up for themselves (which is why I had a knife).”

The incident was reported to ECPD by officers in the Financial Aid Office, and the student who pulled the knife waited for the police because he was “just defending himself” and wanted to show he had no aggression.

“The Union” reporters were told by ECPD officers to contact Community Relations Director Ann Garten for more information, who could not be reached for comment.

The student who pulled out the knife sends his sincerest apologies to the other student.

Reporting by Victor Liptzin

EDITOR’S NOTE WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 28, 2016 8:11 p.m.: Story was updated for clarity to show that a reporter for “The Union” witnessed the altercation and all information about it came from said reporter.