Discount stickers save students’ money

An awareness fair was held for students to learn of what a discount sticker can do on Feb. 26.

An ASB sticker, alongside a student ID, provides students with discounts for games, shows, plays and more.

The $10 fee for the ASB sticker used to be included during the payment of fees for students. But now, the fee is “Opt-out”, this means that the fee is no longer required and students can choose to not pay for it.

The Auxiliary Services Board of EC held their Ninth Annual Awareness Fair on the lawn outside of EC’s library in order to communicate to the students why they should not opt-out of the fee.

Booths that were there included the L.A.P.D., ASO, ASB, Medieval Times, Six Flags and many more. The booths were there to be a part of the festivities and offer prizes.

Although, all of the prizes offered by the ASB booth required students to have and show them an ASB sticker on their ID.

The peek hour of the day was around 11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. as more students seemed to show interest as live music and prizes were given out.

First-time ASB volunteer Brandon Marshall, 31, computer engineering major, said,” Its worth it to get the sticker. Just pay the fee for the discounts.”

When asked where the best place to buy an ASB sticker was, part-time ASB promoter Lawrence Moreno said, “I would recommend the Marsee Auditorium box office because the line goes quicker than at the Cashier’s office.”

Moreno added, “The money raised at this event or any event sponsored by the ASB goes toward the college, the clubs and the athletics here on campus.”

After a student pays the $10 fee and attaches the sticker to their student ID, a student can enter into any athletics event played at home for free along with free use of certain games at the EC activities center, plus a plethora of other things.

Chase Adrian, 20, voice major, was apart of the show and also sang on stage and gave the crowd a performance.

Adrian said, “I’d rather pay for the ASB fee than opt-out because I want to keep my privileges.”