The Do's and Don'ts of Coachella 2013

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Spring break has started.

Students have put the books away and have their minds set on having some fun during the week-long break.

For some, that fun includes attending one of the most well-known music festivals around, Coachella.

Located in Indo, CA Coachella Music and Arts Festival is a hyperactive event in which many come together to watch more than 20 bands perform in just one day.

This being a three-day event, the festival is filled with a few stages for bands to perform on and many booths to buy food from.

“It was not like anything I’ve experienced, it was definitely something new,’ Adrian Ruiz, 19, journalism major, said.

Ruiz attended Coachella in 2012 and has some advice for those who are attending this year and begins with where to stay for the event.

“I got a hotel with a friend when I went, I just heard a lot of horror stories about people camping there,” Ruiz said. “There is a camp site for you to stay in but it gets really hot really early in the morning.”

He adds that it’s better to share a room in a hotel with a friend so you can not only share the expenses, but you can also share the experience.

Another former Coachella goer Marisa Downs, 18, business administration major, said ” It’s so hot that all you really look forward to at the end of the day is a shower and an air-conditioned hotel room. There are showers at the camp sites, but from what I heard the line for the showers was at least an hour long all the time.”

According to the Coachella website there is a fee of $85 for on site tent camping and car camping.

With respect to the weather, it is usually extremely hot during the three-day festival, so when thinking of what to pack think light.

“Wear light clothing. If you pack a pair of pants cut them or else you’ll be dying,” Ruiz said. “A lot of guys were just shirtless so if you’re feeling adventurous go for it.”

Downs said attendees should be prepared to spend money on festival food although eating somewhere else, for example, a fast food joint could be more affordable.

“There is a food court type set up inside the event. there are a lot of stands that have various kinds of food. Unfortunately, everything is overpriced, but food is food,” Downs said. “I recommend the normal fast food restaurants around the area before or after the event. Also there are water stands with $3 bottles of water.”

“There is quite some distance between the festival and stores so I would pack extra money because the food sold at the booths are quite expensive,” Ruiz said.

The three day festival of Coachella begins April 12-14 and the second weekend is April 19-21.

To learn more about on site camping costs as well as the band line up visit



Be prepared: Bring sunscreen as you’ll be in the sun, credit cards in case of emergencies, your I.D. Advil and plenty of water.

Rent a room.

Designate a meeting place with friends.

Bring light clothing for the day and sweaters for the night.

Bring a hat to prevent your skin from being exposed to the sun

Have fun!


Camp out.

Drink so much! Remember, you are there to experience the music and don’t want to end up on some YouTube video showcasing your inability to stand up.

Don’t be “one of those” people.