Mixer to unify clubs on campus

Members from campus clubs will come together at the Inter-Club Council (ICC) mixer taking place Monday in the Student Activities Center in the East conference room.
The ICC will welcome a few of the clubs representatives and officers to their event with the goal of introducing members to one another.
“The purpose of this mixer is to integrate the clubs on campus,” Nick Mitchell, ICC president, said. “It’s a way to mingle with one another, socialize and talk about the different clubs on campus.”
With about 50 clubs this semester, 250 people will be attending the ICC coordinated event.
“Nick and I usually plan and coordinate these events, we have two mixers a year,” Damien McDowell, ICC vice president, said. “Any of the other cabinet members who want to volunteer their time for any event also help.”
For those who do not know, the ICC is made up of one representative from each of the clubs on campus.
They also support any of the activities of the clubs on campus and approve charters of each new student organization.
“In other words, what the ICC does is we get all the clubs to meet up with each other”, said McDowell. “We plan all the student activities that happen on campus for example club rush, homecoming and any of the events that you see here, we are responsible for and plan.”
Besides planning events around campus, the ICC members said another purpose of the mixer is to spread the word of who they are and what they do.
“Our goal is to not only make the clubs aware of each other, but make them aware of ICC and who we are and what we do as well,” said Mitchell.
“The mixer will be fun, and it raises awareness throughout campus.”
The mixer is also an opportunity for its officers and representatives to connect with one another, while at the same time also making new contacts that can be beneficial to them later.
“Another great thing about the mixer is that when they meet they build these great contacts, and it helps because they can always call each other’s clubs and get them involved in anything that they need help with for their club event,” McDowell said.