Drake’s new album ‘Take Care’ already tops music charts

After claiming his spot as one of the best artists around after his debut album, “Thank Me Later,” his fans had very high expectations for his sophomore album, “Take Care.”

Drake, the Canadian actor turned rap superstar, exceeded those expectations with a more intimate album that brought his feminine side along with his rhyming that rivals some of the tops artists in hip hop.

First discovered singing on Kanye West’s almun in 2008, Drake quickly became a platinum selling artist.

His sometimes rough voice continues to inspire listeners all over the world.

His delivery regarding feelings, heartbreak and his social life has proved both commercially successful and critically acclaimed.

Drake’s decision to be emotionally vulnerable behind the mic raised his fan base.

Along with his emotions expressed on this album, Drake also leans on his half-singing and half-spoken rap approach, which people either hate or love.

For those who enjoy this rhyming, he does eventually start to rap, in the middle of the album.

“Take Care” starts off really slow and gets better toward the midpoint. By the time you have listened to “Make Me Proud,” one of Drake’s hits on the album, you would have already forgotten about the slow paced Rihanna cameo, “Take Care,” which started the album and left much to be desired.

Along with “Make Me Proud,” “Underground Kings” and “We’ll Be Fine” serve as relief for the album somewhat slow sounding album. But you can hear a  couple of miscues in the songs “Crew Love” and “Take Care.”

“Shot For Me” is that perfect slow jam fitting for the end of the night to unwind  when you can’t listen to anymore techno music.

In the song titled “Make Me Proud,” Drake showcases his versatility and pushed his musical talent to the limit, leaving a sense of intensity.

As he has been known to do in his previous album, he walks the line between mainly bravado with a push from his friends while being held back by his emotional lyrics, which got him noticed in the first place.

In his album, he doesn’t shy away from features with other artists. In his album “Take Care,” he sings with Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000, The Weekend, and Stevie Wonder.

This album is held together by its production and awesome mixes, which will have fans bumping it throughout the winter.