Depp's acting not exciting enough

With a good story line but a mediocre performance by Johnny Depp, “Secret Window,” directed by David Koepp, is a slow movie with a predictable outcome that had the potential to be a great film.

Depp’s performance comes nothing near to his best actor nomination for “Pirates of the Caribbean” and bores the audience as the movie drags on from scene to scene.

The story line was well intended, but the adaptation to the film was poorly done, not so much by bad acting as much as by bad directing.

Depp plays the role of Morton Rainey, who is a writer going through a divorce after he catches his wife in bed with another man.

Slowly, Rainey begins losing his mind as he talks to himself throughout the film.

Signs of his delusion are scattered throughout the movie, but it isn’t very clear until the last couple of scenes.

Rainey becomes the character he creates in one of the stories he wrote and struggles with the ending of the story.

However, the story Rainey wrote is the situation between him and his cheating wife but in his book, the wife is killed and buried in her garden. Slowly but surely, the character in the book takes over Rainey and convinces him to fix the ending, not of the story, but of his life.

He uses a character he created to justify the deaths of those around him and to convince himself that the best thing to do is to kill his ex-wife and her new boyfriend.

It is a case of split personalities in which Rainey can still tell right from wrong but is overwhelmed by his impulses and convinces himself that he is the victim of a stalker.

In reality, he is only stalking himself and he can’t face his own flaws to fix his own life.

The best part of the film is John Turturro’s performance that overshadows Depp’s every time they share the screen.

Tuturro plays the role of John Shooter, a middle-aged man from Mississippi, who accuses Rainey of stealing his story but in reality, Shooter is the character created by Rainey.

Shooter ends up being the personality that convinces Rainey to kill his ex-wife and bury her in the garden just like the character in his book.

Rainey slowly becomes the character he created and forgets reality from fantasy to the point that he justifies his crimes.

The film could have been so much better had the director been more outgoing with it.

He could have used more action, more mystery, maybe even some comedy to make the film more interesting.

There was no turning point in the film and there were no intriguing scenes. The only interesting part was finding out that every time Rainey falls to sleep, he commits his crimes and can’t remember a thing the next day.

It was the final 10 minutes that reveal Rainey as the killer and that Shooter is nothing more than a figment of his imagination, an imagination that displays the biggest symptoms of schizophrenia.

It comes to no surprise when in the end you see two Raineys talking to each other

The good and the bad Rainey trying to convince the other what he should do.

The movie is boring and does no justice to the book, making it seem like a slow story line.

Depp usually can bring a movie to life just like he did in the film “Blow,” but his talent falls short to resurrect even his film.

(“Secret Window” gets 3 out of 5 stars. “Secret Window” is rated PG-13.)