Audience members experience music from the “Decade of Optimism”

Music from the 1920s and 30s was played by the El Camino College Concert Band at the Marsee Auditorium stage on Saturday, May 19.

The theme for the performance was Americana. Orchestra members started the performance by playing the national anthem.

The first half of the concert included an assortment of folk songs, and paid tribute to song writer Hoagy Carmichael.

“I like the last music piece because it’s combined of many countries’ music,” audience member Seira Takahashi said. “I came to the show because I know a music major who goes to El Camino College.”

The second part of the concert began with a Tribute to Dixie, then Fantasy on American Folk Songs, The All-American March and Extra! Extra!

The music transported the audience to the Harlem Renaissance through blues and jazz.

The Extra! Extra! music was based on three different parts of a newspaper: the front page, the announcements and fun and games.

The front page began with a bang — an excitement of drums. The announcement was a funereal rendition of “Amazing Grace” similar to a tribute to a fallen officer. Fun and games included comics, word puzzles and slapstick music that could be found in cartoons like “Tom and Jerry.”

After the show, audience members applauded the orchestra for their performance as the director recognized the orchestra for a final time just as he had done after each piece.

“I liked the barndance type of music,” usher Emily Sitchler said. “It has a good beat you can dance to. It reminds (me) of swing dancing.”

Some audience members attended the performance in order to reminisce on the music of the 1920s and 30s.

“I came to the performance because I wanted to hear music from the old days,” audience member Ryan Stevens said. “It’s way better than the type of music we listen to today.”