Librarians share their favorite books in the Schauerman Library

Analu Josesphides Photo credit: Jeremy Taylor

Analu Josephides

“My favorite book in the Schauerman Library is the Handbook of North American Indians because my mother is Half-Hawaiian and we identify indigenous of Hawaii. Although I am not Native American, I want educate myself on the various tribes that exist in the country I come from.”

Gary Medina Photo credit: Jeremy Taylor

Gary Medina

“My favorite book would have to be “Long Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela. His story is so inspirational. This is someone who was imprisoned in South Africa for 17 years for speaking out against Apartheid and ended up becoming President of South Africa.”

Nicole Carpenter Photo credit: Jeremy Taylor

Nicole Carpenter

“My favorite book isn’t a book, it’s a library resource called the Credo Reference. It is a database that gives everyone great background information for their research and a great place to start.”

Cindy Lopez Photo credit: Jeremy Taylor

Cindy Lopez

“At the moment “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, I really feel like it’s a great guide into why things happen in the world. It goes back to hard work and practice”