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Millionares allowed to abuse their get out jail free ‘card’

By Lana McCarthy

November 20, 2003

All of my enemies better run for their lives when I get rich and famous, because I'll go on a killing spree. Most humans learn by observation, and the public is learning that if you're rich, you can get away with almost anything. Want...

Things one learns from watching ‘South Park’

By Lana McCarthy

October 30, 2003

As many times as my mother told me that "South Park" was nothing but cuss words and fart jokes, I continuously defended it and laughed hysterically at the intelligent and thought-provoking humor. One episode proved to...

Ethnicity matters especially for groups being stereotyped

By Lana McCarthy

October 16, 2003

Irish people deserve a better education over others and better jobs based only on the fact that they're Irish. And why shouldn't they? The Irish culture was subjected by the English to 400 years of rape, theft of land, and murder. I...

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