Film series to transport its audience to foreign lands

Students can now discover the world while comfortably seated through the magic of film at Marsee Auditorium.

The Discover World Travel Series is back for the 2017-18 year bringing a variety of films to explore.

“This sounds like something that would interested me a lot,” Jennifer Dominguez, 19, undecided major said. “I am not sure of a major at the moment but film has always interested me maybe seeing this could help.”

There are a total of 13 films in the Discover World Travel Series with six of them being presented this semester.

The filmmakers personally narrate each of the films and documentaries. This way you get a chance to listen to the journey that they took to make these films.

From countries like China to states in America like Alaska, each film represents a different location. Each gives viewers an inside look into the beauty of these places.

They directors each have a different way of showing the scenery and culture of each location.

Some, like Director Karin Muller, show China through the eyes of domestic workers, farmers and businessmen.

Others, like Bill Behrenbruch, show through his film the history of the old Santa Fe Trail in Los Angeles.

“Seeing places like this being film in a very pretty way helps gain in interest in film,” Dominguez said. “I watched documentaries all the time with my family and I know that it made me want to travel.”

The Discover World Travel Series has been an existing tradition here at El Camino.

“Its been going on for more than 20 years now,” Center of the Arts Director Rick Christophersen said.

“We have a very loyal and enthusiastic subscriber base,” Christophersen said. “Folks that have subscribed annually to the program, they support the program, keep in touch and are very active with us.”

As it is a long standing tradition, it is important to keep the fans of the series in mind.

“We do audience surveys as well to make sure we are including their interest,” Christophersen said.

The series is attended by people every year, which is why its been going on at EC for so long. It’s place for everyone both new and old, for both the casual viewer and the film-loving audience.

“You get to see a film that was created by the filmmaker that is presenting it,” Christophersen said. “They are here during the screening, they do an introduction, talk to the audience, answer questions, they meet the audience after and during intermission. So the audience has the opportunity to not only see the film, but to also meet the filmmaker.”

“I remember coming to something similar when I was 13 and fell in love,” Maddy Garza, 19, film major said. “It’s inspiring to hear them tell their stories and everything behind the scenes, it makes me so excited to one day get to direct.”

The next film is on Monday, Sept. 25. Tickets are available for purchase online, by phone, or at the ticket office.