‘Big Hero 6’ is filled with large laughs

Following the success of their in-house animated “Frozen,” Disney has released the funny, beautifully animated “Big Hero 6.”

“Big Hero 6” follows a young science genius by the name of Hero Hamada in the fictional city San Fransokyo. After his brother, Tadashi, dies in an accident at a science show, Hero teams up with Tadashi’s friends Wasabi, Go Go, Fred, Honey Lemon, and Tadashi’s creation Baymax, a loveable inflatable healthcare companion, to bring Tadashi’s killer to justice.

Disney’s in-house animation has proven to be an astonishing achievement in the last few years.

First, they put themselves on the map with “Tangled,” showing their talents in vibrant colors and 3D animation. They then followed up with “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Frozen,” the former succeeding in story and animation, the latter in just the animation.

In “Big Hero 6,” the animation team shows off its animation skills again. It creates a beautiful and lively town in the combination of San Francisco and Tokyo, creating a culturally diverse and combined city.

The story is nothing too new to the family superhero action genre, but it does offer some unique ideas, such as the city and the technology created in the film. It features an incredible amount of jokes and funny moments to keep both younger kids and their older siblings and parents entertained.

The character Baymax is one of the best things about the movie. He’s not only adorable and nicely animated, he has many funny lines and funny moments that Disney will be sure to capitalize off the character with toys and stuffed versions of him. He has the same adorable and loveable personality as the Minions of the “Despicable Me” movies and the upcoming “Minions” spinoff.

The voice cast is incredible and perfectly chosen. Scott Adsit does a very funny and sweet voice for the character Baymax, TJ Miller brings his stoner personality for the lazy comic book nerd Fred, and Damon Wayans Jr. brings his nervous persona perfectly for Wasabi. One of the funniest and most clever moments was the surprise appearance by (spoiler). Sorry, but you’ll just have to see this movie.

Overall, “Big Hero 6” is a fun, action-packed, funny, and wonderfully-animated adventure that has plenty of laughs, thrills and entertainment to possibly start a new family superhero franchise.