Tastes your wallet will love: Top foods to try for under $7



1) Tilly’s Tacos.

This small food joint can be found in the corner of the plaza on the north side of Manhattan Beach Boulevard.

A half order of nachos comes with your choice of meat (steak or chicken) and fresh tortilla chips topped with cheese, onions, cilantro and some salsa (mild or spicy) is fulfilling to say the least and the total comes out to just $5.98.

There are a plethora of other choices that all cost just under $7.

Just take a trip across the street for a feast you won’t regret, from the tacos to the nachos and even the burritos and quesadillas, Tilly’s is sure to fill your stomach and keep your wallet happy throughout the week.

2) Supreme Burger Grill.

The epicenter of food options around El Camino can be found in the Manhattan Plaza in between Subway and Gamestop.

Supreme is a premier “go-to” spot that features a menu that can cater to just about any lifestyle.

From the salads and vegetarian burgers to the chicken tenders, burgers and steak dinners, you’ll have a hard time choosing something to eat the first time you go.

The No. 3 combo features a jr. cheeseburger that is topped with onions, lettuce, a thin-burger patty; includes a small order of chili cheese fries and a medium drink, all for just under $7.


3) Chicken Maison.

The healthiest option on this list features the always bustling business of Chicken Maison, right at the edge of the Manhattan Plaza, before reaching McDonald’s.

The Meditteranean-style of food boasts a good deal for anyone in need of a healthier bite to eat.

A 1/4 chicken with a side of rice and salad for $5.95.

The skin on the chicken is seasoned and roasted to perfection, almost every time. Even when it’s a little overcooked, that crunch is to die for. The rice has a hint of sweetness from the raisins that have been cooked in it and the salad is a nice addition to fill the plate and your stomach.

4) Bonello’s New York Pizza.

This tiny little spot lands itself on this list for the simplest of reasons.

What college student doesn’t love a fat slice of pizza made fresh-to-order and costs only a few bucks?

Pizza is the way to some people’s hearts and Bonello’s makes that happen to a T, with it’s large New-York style pizza slices people love to stop by and get a bite.

If it’s a competition between Domino’s Pizza, down the block or Bonello’s across the street, one has to take the chance at the shop with a big taste and small price.

The No. 1 features a slice of pizza and a soda for $4.50.

It may be just one slice, but when the taste is that good, that’s all you need when enjoying the fresh taste Bonello’s New York-style pizza.