Waitlisted Students Should be Notified When similar sections open up


Photo credit:Justin Traylor

There is nothing worse than attempting to enroll into a class that you so desperately need, only to have that class and all of its sections filled.

Registering for a class and being put on the waitlist is not the place you want to be. Being officially registered into the classes you want and need is the place that you want to be. If not, you are trying to rearrange classes to fit other classes you need in your schedule not knowing if you are actually going to get in.

Within the first two weeks students add and drop classes frequently trying to get a feel for what they want the final class schedule to look like. It would be nice to be notified when such action occurs because what if a student or students drop a class that you need and the class is now open.

You would have no idea that the class is open unless you checked your myecc often throughout the day and everyday.

This is what happened to me my first semester here at El Camino. When it was my time to register for classes all of the English and math classes I needed were filled and I was waitlisted for most of them. I had no idea if I was moving up the list or if I actually got into th class unless I checked myecc often.

I was one of those students who had to wait the whole semester before I could take the English and math classes I needed and finished those classes two semesters later than what I wanted. In the meantime I took two classes that I was not required to take that ended up being bittersweet.

I enrolled into an art class that I thought counted as a general education requirement but I later found out 4 weeks into the semester that it did not and I was enrolled in the wrong art class. I was wasting that semester, I could have taken another class that counted but by then it was too late.

That was the bitter part, now here is the sweet. The other class I took was a real estate class that was a foundation class of counting towards being eligible to take the real estate license test. After taking that class, I took the other required class along with an elective real estate class. Now I’m eligible to take my real estate license test.

I believe students should be notified when classes you are waitlisted for or other sections of the same class open up so it can be easier for students to enroll in.

Students would be notified via their El Camino email that classes they are waitlisted on or other sections have opened up. It is a brief fix and modification that can have huge impact on students’ academic semesters.

Students would not have to take additional classes to fill up units and feel like they have wasted a semester or two. This could affect students mentally as they can feel like they are now behind.

Although the overall problem of not getting the classes you want will not be fixed, students would be able to get into classes easier and more fluently.