Author overcomes struggles to become business owner


When Tracy Owens made the choice to take her youngest child and leave her abusive marriage, there was more stake than a broken relationship. The mother and child faced homelessness.

Striking out into an uncertain future, fate intervened. When someone Owens met on the street let her and her daughter, Emerald (how old was she then?), now 18, take refuge on an open-door patio in Rialto for more than a year after the split.

“We would had to go down the to the fitness center to get washed,” Tracy says. “I was able to set up a hose so we could use it as a shower. Real old school.”

Eventually Tracy, 48, a mother of fpulled herself up, changed her name to Qurious and became an author.

Qurious came from a small town in New Jersey, but she also longed for city life and climate.

In 1958, she got her wish. While visiting her sister in the Golden State, she decided to stay.

For five years, she worked for an aircraft company in Inglewood but that regimented lifestyle was not for her.

She had always created her own foaming bath crystals, body jellies, incense and soap, and decided it was time to work for herself.

“I was tired of doing all the work and getting none of the credit,” Tracy says. “When you work for yourself, the sky’s the limit.”

Thirty years has passed and Tracy has decided to return to El Camino College.

Returning to school has been very good to her.

Since her return to school, she has discovered her creativity as a photographer and artist.

Tracy’s strengths are her failures. Out of her failures, she became successful.

Her biggest fan is her 25-year-old daughter Kashe Masters.

“My mom pushes me all the time even though it gets on my nerves, but I do sit and think about what she is teaching me and she makes a lot of sense,” Kashe says.

Brian Cochran, station manager from Pomona-based radio station says.

“She has a fiery personality and always has something inspiring to say,” Brian says.

Tracy wants to see her wrk as supreme and Devine because it comes from the Lord. (Quote?)

If you want to know more about Tracy, go to her website.