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    Ashton Kutcher debuts in ‘Two and a Half Men’

    Dressed in black from head to toe, Charlie Harper’s brother, Allen Harper, emotionally shares a sentimental memory at his brother’s funeral. Looking out to a room full of bitter women, many of which Charlie had loved and left numerous times, he gets no sympathy.

    The first episode of the highly anticipated show, “Two and a Half Men” premiered this week with the debut of Ashton Kutcher playing the character Walden Schmidt, a billionaire with a broken heart.

    Reprising their old roles were Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones as Alan and Jake Harper.

    The beginning scene showed everyone berating Charlie instead of mourning the death of the alcohol drinking, womanizing, jingle writer.

    This showed that the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, was anything but forgiving as Harper’s death was described as a meat bag exploding.

    Next in the line of mourners at Charlie’s funeral was Rose’s character, played by Melanie Lynski.

    She explained how Charlie accidentally fell in front of a moving train, but suggested that she might have been responsible for his death. Leaving the audience to wonder, if in fact, she was the silent killer, the show quickly moved past the scene.

    As it was rumored in the past months, Sheen’s character was not only killed off the show, but his Malibu home, which is the setting for most of the show, was in jeopardy.

    The house, which was left to Alan in Charlie’s will, became the issue for the remaining scenes of the show.

    Since Alan can’t afford the mortgage, their conceited mother, Evelyn, played by Holland Taylor, looks to reap the benefits and put it up for sale under her real estate company.

    Just as Alan was losing hope as to who to sell the house to and what would become of him and his son, Aston Kutcher’s character is standing at the back door.

    Alan invites a dripping wet Walden into the Malibu mansion who uses the  phone to call his ex-wife to inform her of his failed suicide attempt in the cold ocean water.

    And a friendship between  Alan and Walden quickly forms as Allan uses his divorced situation to him own benefit.

    For the viewers who have watched the past eight seasons, they have been used to the foul mouthed, vulgar and sarcastic Charlie Harper. However, while many thought of Kutcher’s character as the new playboy in Malibu, they were wrong.

    Schmidt is the complete opposite of what Harper used to be. He doesn’t drink and was once committed to only one woman, something that Charlie could never do.

    While the show’s focus was that of Charlie’s death, everything has remained the same. Jake is still an underachieving teenager and his father Alan, is yet to move out of someone else’s roof.

    Although the first episode was funny, and provided viewers with the same amusing punch lines the show is known for, there was a bit too much bashing of Charlie’s character.

    Overall, the show was funny and entertaining and left viewers with something to look forward to in next week’s episode.

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