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Badminton drops match vs. East L.A. College

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The match was close, the games were tense and one win could determine the outcome of the match.

Freshman Shadera Woodland fell while attempting to hit the birdie during her doubles match.

Woodland got back up and kept playing.

In the end, victory was on her side however the El Camino women’s badminton team lost 10-11 to visiting East L.A. College on Friday.

Although Woodland won the doubles match, the teamwork is an area where the team needs to work on for overall performance.

“We need to work on communication for the doubles games,” freshman Regina Reyes said.

Coach John Britton addressed all of his players at the end of the games, letting them know that for their next practice they will be working on communication.

Reyes defeated her opponent during her singles match and said she was satisfied.

“I am so happy I won. It is a fast-paced racket game and it was tough because you never know where the birdie is going to land,” Reyes said. “It took a lot of exercise and practice.”

Woodland lost her first singles match and had a look of disappointment on her face.

“Britton helps them out during practice, although not many show up to practice,” sophomore Caitlin Villalobos said.

This was something that reflected in some of the players performance during their games.

“I didn’t practice enough, and I’m tired,” sophomore Ann Arante said.

Britton said freshman Oanh Le and Woodland are the top ranking players and it showed during their singles and doubles match.

The women’s badminton team next match will be March 4 at Pasadena City College.

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Badminton drops match vs. East L.A. College