Notch bounces back after playing baseball in Ariz.


After following his dream to play college baseball, Joey Notch decided to come back home to Torrance to play football and baseball at EC.

“I missed playing football,” Notch said. “So, I thought I’d come back and play both sports here.”

Quarterback Notch, is back in California to play the two sports he loves, baseball and football.

When he graduated from West Torrance High School, he considered attending EC but instead went to the University of Arizona.

After having played a semester of baseball there, he chose to come back because it did not work out for him for various reasons.

Last spring he started his journey at EC by joining the baseball team as well as playing quarterback for the football team.

“He won the job (to be quarterback),” coach John Featherstone said.

“When we saw him last spring, we could tell that he was an athlete,” Featherstone said. “He is a very talented athlete and pretty furious about it too.”

In his freshman year of high school he gave wrestling a try but quickly learned that it was not a sport for him.

“I have never been an individual kind of guy,” Notch said. “I like the team atmosphere and enjoy being part of a family.”

Notch joined a team where he has a lot of his former teammates, along with center Mohammed Faqui who has known Notch since they were in the sixth grade.

“Notch is a natural leader,” Faqui said. “ (He) always knows what everyone is doing on the field.

Along with Faqui, wide reciever and close friend of Notch, Nicholas Roos, has known him since playing in the West Torrance Little League.

During their senior year at West Torrance High school was the first time they played on the same football team.

“It’s nice to have my high school teammate back to throw me the ball,” Roos said. “It’s kind of like reminiscing high school.”

Along with the familiar faces Notch is connecting with his new teammates as well.

“He is a hard worker,” wide receiver Devante Jenkins said. “He is all business when he comes out here, smart when it comes to reading the ball and definitely a good leader.”

If he’s not playing football Notch enjoys going to hang out at the beach.

“If I’m not playing either football or baseball, I like to play beach volleyball,” Notch Said. “Baseball and football are the only sports I’d consider playing professionally.”

If Notch were not playing sports then he would like to become a coach or maybe teach science one day.

When notch transfers from EC he’d like to stay Local and possibly to transfer to California State Polytechnic, Pomona.

Notch will back this weekend after suffering an injury.