Don’t call Drake hip hop

In Drake’s latest album “Nothing was the same,” which was leaked last week, critics may say “Drake did it again. Another Grammy under his belt.” Yes, but for a pop artist. This album is for the ladies who loves for a man to express his emotion without masking it. Overall, this album is not fully hip hop but a mixture of Rap, R&B; and Pop. I give this album a 3 out of 5.

Drake has gone from the unconventional style rapper to arguably to biggest name in rap today all in a matter of four years.

In his third project, Aubrey “Drake” Graham, breaks the gates open in this album with a track titled “Tuscan Leather,” a title Drake named for a Tom Ford fragrance that some say smells like a brick of cocaine. The track which has three different beats that flip through out the song samples Whitney Houston and Curtis Mayfield. He spits lines that gives the listener the idea that he’s mindful of his success and we all should be as well. “This is nothin’ for the radio, but they’ll still play it though/ Cause it’s that new Drizzy Drake, that’s just the way it go,” Drake said.

The album wouldn’t be complete without sentimental R&B;/Rap songs and straight up Pop like “Furthest Thing,” “Wu-Tang Forever,””Own it,” “From time” and his latest single “Hold on, We’re going home,” which has a Pop feel written all over it. His usual approach to seemingly all his albums are his somber story telling about his break ups and make ups, hopeless romantic stories and name dropping women that no one is familiar with.

In his first single “Started from the bottom” off his much anticipated album, Drake gives listeners an insight on his humble beginnings when started from ground zero to the famous figure his now. “I done kept it real from the jump, livin’ at my momma house we argue every month/ I was tryna’ get on my own, workin’ all night traffic on the way home/ And my uncle callin’ me like where ya at,? I gave you the keys told ya bring it right back/ I just think it’s funny how it goes, now i’m on the road half a million for a show.”