Police Beat, April 6 – April 7

April 6, 9:07 a.m. An officer responded to a female faculty member from the Professional Development Office who was concerned about a male student loitering in her work area. According the police report, the student was registered with the Special Resource Center program and the faculty member spoke with the director of the program who said she (the director) knew the student. The director told the officer and faculty member that she is aware of some issues the student struggles with, including depression. The director said although the student has a learning disability he still needs to follow the Student Code of Conduct. After the faculty member spoke with the director, she said she felt much better about the situation.

April 6, 12:14 p.m. An officer responded to a medical aid call at the Bookstore for a male staff member who believed he was having a stroke. According to the report, the man said he felt like the entire left side of his body was numb. Paramedics were called and they transported him to a local hospital.

April 6, 5:15 p.m. An officer responded to the Student Services Center regarding a female student who was unconscious, but still breathing. According to the report, after the officer located the student inside the women’s restroom she was emitting a strong odor of alcohol, she then got up and vomited into one of the toilets. The student then said that she was OK but she drank a lot of beer at a local Wing Stop restaurant. Officers attempted to contact the student’s parents to come get her since she was intoxicated and couldn’t take care of herself. The officers were unable to reach her parents, so they placed her under arrest for public intoxication and transported her to Torrance PD jail for detoxification.

April 7, 9:02 a.m. An officer responded to the Physics’ office Room 117 regarding a medical aid call. According to the report, a female staff member said she was walking in Lot B when she slipped on a pebble which caused her to lose her balance and fall on the ground. She complained of pain to her left knee and a small abrasion to her lip. She declined medical attention but wanted the officer to document it. According to the report, the officer noted that the staff member had already walked unassisted to the Health Center to get ice for her knee and she then walked back to her office where she contacted ECPD.

April 7, 4:43 p.m. An officer responded to the lobby regarding an indecent exposure report. According to the report, a male student told an officer that he was using a urinal inside the men’s restroom on the second floor of the Administration building when he observed a male masturbating in front of a urinal. He then left the restroom and reported the incident to campus police.