Favorite Halloween candies from The Union staff


Madison Phan/The Union

In honor of Halloween coming this weekend, staff members at The Union shared their top three to five favorite candies.

Nicholas Broadhead, sports and health editor

1.) Milky Way, “I like Milky Ways for that caramel, melt in your mouth taste.”

2.) M&M’S, “If I just want a treat on the go, it’s my go-to.”

3.) 3 Musketeers, “It’s like that sugar rush kind of chocolate.”

4.) Dots, “My dad and I would always share them. The flavors that they had were really sweet and made me want to have more, and the texture was so pleasant.”

5.) Tootsie Fruit Rolls, “Tootsie [Fruit] Rolls have always been a part of my Halloween candy. Regular ones are so basic, so whenever I got flavored ones, I would always finish them first.”

Walter Jay Jr., reporter

1.) Kinder Bueno, “I bought my first Kinder Bueno from a Duty Free shop in Singapore on my way to visit my family in Sri Lanka. A few days after I arrived, my cousins, nieces and nephews spent an entire afternoon together and Tinder Bueno was the junk food that fueled our reunion. To this day, it’s one of my favorite candy.

2.) See’s Candy Scotchmallow Jack-O-Lanterns, “Marshmallow and See’s Candy, especially butterscotch lollipops, have always been two of my mom’s favorite things. So a Scotchmallow candy from See’s is not only a great candy, but it also reminds me of my mom, the nest human being I know.

3.) Reese’s Pieces, “I like Reese’s Pieces because it reminds me of that Halloween scene with Drew Barrymore as a bid in ET.”

Rachel Maldonado, opinion editor

1.) Smarties, “It’s probably the smallest candy you’ll find in your trick-or-treat bag, but at the same time who would ever deny a childhood classic?”

2.) Starburst, “Pink and red together all the way, no questions asked.”

3.) Caramel popcorn, “The perfect amount of sweet and salty all the while living up to the flavors of the fall season.”

Juan Miranda, managing editor

1.) Reese’s, “You can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter. Eating them reminds me of being a kid.”

2.) Sour Patch Kids, “The combination of sour and sweet never tasted so good.”

3.) Dots, “These gummy snacks take me back to Halloween nights as a kid and just scavenging through my bag looking for them.”

4.) Mike and Ike, “I love these because I enjoy eating them at Dodger games.”

5.) 3 Musketeers, “I used to buy these at the store all the time. My mom used to buy variety candy boxes and these would be the first ones gone, mostly because of me.”

Jeniffer Torres, news editor

1.) Reese’s, “I like Reese’s because I love peanut butter and chocolate. I guess it’s just kind of a classic candy.”

2.) Andes, “Andes I like because like, who doesn’t like Andes? They go great in cookies too.”

3.) Crunch, “Another classic. Adds a little bit of fun to plain chocolate.”

4.) Starburst, “You can squish them together and stack them and make new flavors.”

5.) Airheads, “They’re good, also the mystery flavor are my favorite.”

Madison Phan, arts and lifestyle editor

1.) Crunch, “I really love crunchy things so I feel like this had to be on my list. Plus it’s, like, chocolate with a hint of crunchiness? Sign me up!”

2.) Kit Kat, “After watching Kourtney Kardashian showing how she eats her Kit Kat, I started doing that too, and honestly, it’s so fun.”

3.) Reese’s, “I grew up eating Reese’s and Reese’s Puffs cereal because they’re my dad’s favorite so I kind of grew up with it. But also, peanut butter and chocolate go so good together.”

4.) 100 Grand, “I remember first having this on Halloween a couple of years ago. It was my first time ever seeing them and I just fell in love with them on the first bite.”

5.) Peanut M&M’S, “It’s crunchy. It’s chocolate. It has peanuts. It’s the perfect candy.”

Maria Cornejo, reporter

1.) Candy corn, “I like candy corn because it always reminds me of Halloween. I always like the flavor of candy corn.”

2.) Sour Patch Zombie Kids, “I like Sour Patch [Zombie] Kids because it’s little zombies. I love sour candy and gummies.”

3.) M&M’s, “I like M&M’s because it’s chocolate.”

4.) Kiss, “I like Kiss because [they’re] chocolate chips. It has different flavors of chocolate [and] they are creamy.”

5.) Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins, “I like Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins [because they] are pumpkin-shaped. They are soft [and] I love peanut butter and chocolate.

Oscar Macias, senior staff writer

1.) Snickers, “Because of the caramel.”

2.) Kit Kat, “Because you can share it with people.”

3.) Crunch, “Mainly because it’s a simple chocolate bar.”

Camden Foster, reporter

1.) Sour Patch Kids, “Because they remind me of Halloween as a kid.”

2.) Almond Joy, “Because I love coconut.”

3.) Cold Milky Ways, “Because they are the bomb cold.”