Students share their favorite Stephen King movie adaptations

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With the upcoming release of the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “Pet Sematary,” The Union went around campus and asked students about their favorite Stephen King adaptations.

Nicholas Abdo, 19, Economics

March 27, 2019 Photo credit: Lydia Lopez

Nicholas Addo, 19, economics major

“‘Misery’–I think was one of the better ones. It’s pretty dark and different which I like. It’s not like the most fun read but it’s pretty interesting. ‘The Shining’—I think that’s one of the best movies of all time.”

Richard Bravo, 19, Civil engineer

March 27, 2019 Photo credit: Lydia Lopez

Richard Bravo, 19, engineering major

“I would have to say ‘It.’ It’s one of my favorites even though it’s a really popular movie. It’s still a really good book mainly because the kid section had me intrigued because of the contrast of evil versus purity.”

Ivan Barragan, 18, Biology

March 27, 2019 Photo credit: Lydia Lopez

Ivan Barragan, 18, biology major

“The 2017 ‘It’ movie. I felt like it captured a lot of the intensity of the book–it managed to get the tone correct from what I remember from it.”

Winner Watts ,24, Communications studies and marketing

April, 3 Photo credit: Lydia Lopez

Winner Watts, 24, communication studies and marketing major

“My favorite movie from Stephen King would have to be both the ‘It’s. I believe he is ingenious in writing such a great storyline–that can be continuous and relevant from back then to the present day. I believe he is one of the pioneers for movie making and novel creating.”

Angie Vargas, 19, Psychology

April 3, 2019 Photo credit: Lydia Lopez

Angie Vargas, 19, psychology major

“I just know he is an author who makes a lot of stories mostly about horror, but I like the original ‘Carrie,’ it’s one of the first ones I saw from him.”

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