Campus Viewpoints: Favorite TV show

In a media-driven world, The Union asked the EC community what show they’re currently watching.

Clayton Vonlewis

Clayton Von Lewis, 26, watches "House" as he is intrigued by the main character's power dynamic. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

“[I’m watching] “House,” it’s pretty interesting,” Clayton Vonlewis, 26, business major said. “Every episode is a puzzle and the doctor is an a–hole but he tells people the truth.”

Esmeralda Magallon

Esmeralda Magallon, 20, does not like to watch TV or Netflix and instead watches Youtube. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

“[I watch] gaming channels or news channels cause Netflix is lowkey dying,” Esmeralda Magallon, 20, game design major said. “I [also] watch anime…its either that or drama.”

Ivan Barragan

Ivan Barragan, 18 says he does not watch a lot of TV but when he does, he likes to watch "something easy." Photo credit: Fernando Haro

“I watch a lot of “[The] Simpsons,” Ivan Barragan, 18, undecided major, said. “It’s something easy to watch, it can be enjoyable.”

Jackson Keesal

Jackson Keesal, 18, says he is excited about the new "The Witcher" series, based on one of his favorite video games. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

“I’ve been watching “The Office” again, it is hilarious,” Jackson Keesal, 18, psychology major, said.

Lajoy Watson

Lajoy Watson, 20, has been trying to rediscover older shows. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

“I’m starting to get into old shows right now on Hulu,” Lajoy Watson, 20, undecided major, said. “I’m watching “Ugly Betty;” I like the concept, I guess how it’s kind of unordinary for someone of her appearance to be working with the superficial.”

Patrick Portiz

Patrick Portiz, 20, has also been keeping up with the midterm election. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

“I just finished watching “Black Lightning,” Patrick Portiz, 20, bio-engineering major, said. “It’s essentially about an African-American superhero.”

Reysand Benasfre

Reysand Benasfre, 20, prefers to watch adult-humor cartoons. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

[I’m watching] “Bob’s Burgers” because I like Fox cartoons and they’re adult humor in cartoons,” Reysand Benasfre, 20, political science major, said.

Rogelio Zacatenco

Rogelio Zacatenco, 25, watches animes because they're like a book to him. Photo credit: Fernando Haro

“TV shows like “Awkward” [and] animes like “Overlord” because I’m into books and it’s the same thing as reading a book, it catches my attention,” Rogelio Zacatenco, 25, kinesiology major, said.

Sorato Kobayakawa

Sorato Kobayakawa, 20, feels at home watching "Japanese Youtube." Photo credit: Fernando Haro

“I like to watch “America’s Got Talent” and Youtube,” Sorato Kobayakawa, 20, undecided major, said. “I’m Japanese so I like to watch Japanese Youtubers.”