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A goodbye from the spring 2018 editorial board

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A goodbye from the spring 2018 editorial board

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Dear El Camino,

This semester has been an interesting one to say the least. With a small staff, we were forced to play with the cards we had been dealt. Despite some set backs, this semester on staff has been a memorable one filled with plenty of lessons learned.

The editorial board made a lot of changes stylistically and when we thought something wouldn’t work out it somehow always did.

With the help of our incredibly hard working staff, adviser Stefanie, dedicated photographers, and motivated interns we as a unit, were able to produce memorable papers with actual impact.

I think we can all note a specific moment where someone from El Camino whether it be a student, faculty, or staff member approached us to thank us for covering something that happened on campus.

Thank you all for letting us embrace the diverse people, programs, and events on campus. A final note from all of us on the editorial board is this: Don’t be afraid to be bold in what you do. Always take pride in your work no matter how insignificant you may think it is.

While this may be our last semester The Union will continue with a new editorial board in the fall. We hope that the new board has as much fun as we had documenting the history of El Camino College.


The editorial board

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A goodbye from the spring 2018 editorial board