Campus Viewpoints: Should faculty be armed with guns?

Since the Parkland, Florida school shooting took place on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018, students and teachers across the nation are concerned with ways to keep campuses safe.

Some say school employees should carry guns. The Union went around campus asking students and faculty their thoughts on faculty members being armed while on the job.


Jonathan Hernandez, 23, medical science major: “I think certain faculty should and not every single [faculty member] should carry guns. Younger people that can handle their nerves better should be able to carry weapons.”


Rusty Reece, professor of mathematics: “I think arming faculty is not a good choice for making our campus safe. The more guns on campus, the more chance of an accidental shooting.”

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Christopher Glover, English professor: “100 percent no. That would lead to more problems than solve [them]. If disturbed individuals knew teachers carried guns, they would take them out first.”

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Dr. James Hurd, professor of music: “If they so choose, we are not permitted to have guns. It would add a danger to the campus. Based on the size of the campus, it would be a shame for the perpetrator to have guns. We’re responsible for our students. If they don’t have guns, we have to protect them. Why shouldn’t faculty have guns? The students do.”

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John Baranski, U.S. history professor: “There are more problems than solutions when faculty start carrying guns. There are problems like training of use, guns being left in bathrooms, desks and accidental firings. Most importantly, it doesn’t address the problem. When you compare the United States to any other country, we have high death rates on guns because we don’t have gun regulations.”