International Students should be able to have the same tuition as local students

International students work just as hard or even harder than most national students and deserve to pay the same amount of tuition cost.

People tend to ignore the obstacles international students go through in order to attend college in the U.S. If international students are demonstrating greater struggles than national students then there should be no reason to charge them more.

Most international students pay up to three times more than in-state students at public universities, according to an article from the Business Insider.

Paying three times the cost for tuition is a price not many students can afford. These international students are spending all of their funds just to get a higher education, which proves that they are more committed.

As of 2015, the U.S. public universities gained more than $9 billion in tuition and fees from foreign students, according to an article from the Business Insider.

About 72 percent of the funding provided for international students comes from personal and family funds, as well as home country government or university assistance, according to an article from the Business Insider.

The process of getting a F-1 visa approved takes months to get completed in order for international students to receive legal permission to study in a different country. Not to mention, the amount of money that has to be paid to get this process done.

Not only are these students putting their financial stability at risk, but they also are exposed to a different way of life which can potentially cause culture shock to some students.

The understanding of coursework is not the biggest issue for new international students. However, sometimes foreigners come across language barriers which restrict them from communicating to others about their academic standing.

In U.S. classrooms, there could be a more hands-on and interactive approach that most international students have not been exposed to. It could sometimes come as a shock to them and time for some adjustment.

Foreign students put all the hardships aside and would rather face the consequences in order to receive the education that is best for them. They demonstrate the strongest work ethic and dedication that deserves to be recognized as allowing equal cost of tuition.