Summer made me forget my boring birthday

Sept. 21 is the last day of summer, so staff writer Alex Torres shares his memory of summer 2016.

This past April I turned 21.

Was I on my way to Las Vegas to drink legally? Nope. I had to work a 10 hour shift at my lame retail job, and then I came to El Camino for a three hour science class.

How fun.

I never imagined my 21st birthday would go that way, but at least that night I had dinner with my family which was nice, although it still didn’t meet my expectations that I had as a teenager.

“How can I make this day up?” I said to myself later on that night. I had to come up with something, real quick.

Although I value and respect my education, I felt like a loser for not doing something exciting. That night I told myself that this summer I would celebrate as if it was my birthday everyday.

During the summer, outside of working 40 hours at my job and taking a 3 unit online course, most of the time I was at the gym, sporting event or a concert.

My followers on social media were given the opportunity to watch, with me posting 500-second stories on Snapchat.

Even when I wasn’t adding to my extensive Snapchat story, I was at Hermosa Beach almost every night.

Since I only live a few minutes from there, it’s easy to go jogging, I would run from pier to pier.

My summer definitely made up for having a boring 21st birthday. I will continue to go out through out this fall semester because three of my four classes are online. I also cut down my hours at work so my body, mind and soul can be more relaxed.