Star Wars Vs. Star Trek Campus Viewpoints

Ashley Mercado, 21, sports medicine: “I like the Star Wars franchise more because it’s more entertaining. Star Trek is something my parents would watch.”


Rocio Najera, 19, film and accounting: “Star Trek series has been my favorite ever since I was in high school. Spock is my favorite character because he is respected by everyone. I will watch a Star Trek film over Star Wars any day.”


Mia Rios, 18, undecided: “Star Trek because of Spock, he’s strict and funny. Darth Vader to me is boring.”


Jose Martinez, 17, engineering: “My friend introduced me to Star Wars when I was 9. Ever since, I have been a huge fan. Darth Vader is my favorite because he’s the leader. I can’t wait for the next movie to come out soon.”


John Burton, 19, graphic design: ” I have been a fan of red light sabers since I was 5. Obi Wan Kenobi is my favorite character because he is wise and he cares about his students. I have the same personality as Kenobi. Star Wars over anything.”