Favorite classes of students include English and psychology

We went around last week and asked students what class they’re enjoying the most so far this semester.

“So far my favorite subject this semester is Japanse because I want to learn more of it,” Jansen Marantan, 19, computer science major, said.

“Psychology is my favorite subject because it’s my major and the professor seems calm and reasonable. He doesn’t seem like the crazy type,” Albert Lee, 21, psychology major, said.

“Nutrition because it applies more to my major,” Raymond Abalos, 18, dietetics major, said.

“I think it’s English because I am an international student from Russia and I want to learn more English,” Vicky Stepamenko, 20, business major, said.

“I like math because I am good with numbers,” Vanessa Atilano, 18, undecided major, said.

“English because I really love to write down my thoughts and stories,” Emily Aguilera, 16, undecided major, said.

“I like film and editing because I love working with cameras,” Juan Sanchez, 18, automotive major, said.

“l like public speaking because it’s fun and it helps with the fear of standing in front of people and talking,” Alana Rodriguez, 18, undecided major, said.