Campus Corner – Muslim Students Association

Jasir Soomro is the president of the MSA club. With 20 active members, the club meets in the Humanities Building at 12:50 p.m every Thursday.


How long have you been the president of the MSA?

This is my first semester as the president of the MSA; it is also my first semester in college.


What are some of the benefits of joining?

You can come in and talk to people from different backgrounds and engage in deep religious conversations. You may also learn about the importance of Islam and how to relate it to everyday life on campus.


What are your goals this semester compared to last?

Our main goal is to clear up any miscommunications of Islam and enrich the quality of campus life.


How does the club contribute to campus and community?

We contribute to volunteer service, keep the environment clean, and promote tolerance on campus.


Why was the club founded?

To strengthen the unity of Muslims on campus, and to represent our religion as a welcoming way of life.


Are there any events the club will be arranging on campus this semester? 

Yes, there will be informational Islamic booths. We will have certain documentary video sessions with other clubs and promote awareness of Islam.


What responsibilities do you have as club president?

I supervise over all other positions and make sure everything is running smoothly.


What are the requirements for joining the club?

There are no requirements at all. Feel free to come on in! The MSA is open to everyone, non-Muslim and Muslim students as long as they’re willing to engage in dialogue.


How long has the club been on campus?

It’s been on campus for around 10 years.


What do you discuss at your meetings?

We will be discussing Islamic issues, certain Islamic teachings and we also will be having some sort of discussion on Islamic thought.