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Julie Flores is a psychology major and the president of the LOMA Club.

What is LOMA?
It stands for Latino Organization for Minority Achievement. We mostly go out and help minority students or minorities in our community.

In what ways do you help out these communities?
We do high school outreaches, we give toys to orphanages in Culver City and we mostly work for minorities and their communities.

Is there any reason why you wanted to become the president of LOMA?
I started with the club in spring of last semester and when I joined I got really involved in the club, besides all the drama that clubs have. They nominated me to be president and I had the experience from a club I used to be president of in high school.

What are you going to do for the club that other presidents have not done?
The president last semester did a really good job, but she resigned halfway through the semester. I’m going to do what she wanted to do, but could not do.

How did you get nominated to be president of LOMA?
At our meetings, if anybody wants to be president they can get nominated, but nobody did. The guy who started the club nominated me and I took the position along with somebody else, but he decided to be vice president instead and that’s how I became president.

How long will you be president for and are you thinking of doing this again next semester?
It only lasts for one semester, but if nobody wants to take it next semester I will take it, if everything works out well this semester.

How do you think this will affect your life in the long run?
I just like helping out and I like that I can make a difference in another person’s life and that feeling is really powerful.

Do you guys offer help to other ethnicities besides Latinos?
It’s not only for Latinos, but it’s the majority of the people we help. We are having a clothes drive for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and most of them are not Latino. We are having a toy drive and going to children’s hospitals, which have different cultures and races.

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