Reportedly intoxicated individual approaches students on campus

A man was reported to have asked a student what they would do if he shot them, on El Camino College campus Tuesday, May 10.
El Camino College police officers received a call at 1:30 p.m. Someone said a man who was described as potentially intoxicated was approaching students.
He asked one of them, “What would you do if I shot you,” according to the Campus Watch alert sent out by the El Camino College Police Department.
The individual was described as “a Black adult male wearing a black hooded sweater, cargo pants, a maroon backpack and holding a beer was outside the south entrance of the Math, Business, and Allied Health (MBAH) Building,” according to the Nixel Emergency Alert.

The individual was not located by campus police. Those who may come across this individual are instructed not to communicate with him, instead alert the Campus Police at 310 660-3100 or 911.