Technologically advanced ‘Hyflex’ class model introduced during Academic Senate meeting

A method of learning where students will have the option to attend a course virtually or in-person each week was introduced during the Tuesday, April 5 Academic Senate Meeting.

This modality is called “Hyflex”, short for ‘hybrid flexible’, which Distance Education Faculty Coordinator Moses Wolfenstein said will allow seamlessness between the two current learning modalities.

It is yet to be decided whether individual professors can choose to apply Hyflex in their courses or if the new method of learning will be implemented per department, and whether or not Hyflex courses will be ready by the fall 2022 semester.

Crystle Martin, dean of Library and Learning Resources said that what sets Hyflex courses apart from current hybrid and Zoom classes is also its use of technology.

Technology for Hyflex will be tested in pilot rooms over spring break from April 11 to 15 in the Life Science Building room 130, Math Business Allied Building room 103 and Distance Education Building room 166.

El Camino’s Information Technology Services Division will be working with the technology solutions company Golden Star Technology for these pilot rooms.

This technology includes the standard classroom technology such as projectors and speakers, as well as additional cameras and microphones that will be attached to ceilings to ensure engagement and participation for students on either side of the screen.

“The intention is, that way, the students that are participating virtually can actually see the students in the class, and vice versa,” Martin told The Union. “That will help those who are not physically in the room feel connected, and not just like they’re watching an online lecture.”


Editor’s Note: Restructured story flow on April 5 at 11:40 p.m.