Course auditing policy revision for ECC and F-1 Visa students approved

Any student who possesses an El Camino College ID number, including international students, can request to audit a course for $15 per unit, allowing the student to enroll in any class at ECC for no grade and credit.

Members of the Academic Senate have approved the Course Auditing and Auditing Fees Board Policy Revision during an Academic Senate meeting held via Zoom on June 1.

The course audit policy previously did not include Administrative Procedure 4070 which further details the eligibility and provisions and includes conditions for F-1 Visa students.

According to the administrative procedure, international students enrolled with F-1 Visas may audit a course if they are enrolled with the minimum required number of 12 units in order to maintain their F-1 Visa status.

This procedure also makes clarifications on the requirements and applications that a student needs to audit a class, discussing how students must first obtain a petition to audit form from Admissions and Records, as well as gain approvals from the course instructor and the Dean of the academic division.