Intoxicated student found lying on floor, police say


Students sit in the hallway of the third floor of the Art and Behavioral Science Building on Tuesday, Oct. 1. A drunken student was laying outside a classroom on the same floor Thursday, Sept. 19 at 8:56 p.m. and was arrested for public intoxication. Omar Rashad/The Union

An 18-year-old unconscious, intoxicated student was found outside a classroom on the third floor of the Art and Behavioral Science Building on Thursday, Sept. 19, police said.

A passerby called police after trying to wake up the student, who remained unconscious on the floor, El Camino College Police Chief Michael Trevis said.

When officers responded at 8:56 p.m., they woke the student up and smelled an alcoholic beverage on his breath, Trevis said.

The student admitted to officers that he had been drinking alcohol off-campus; he was arrested for public intoxication and was taken to the Torrance Police Department jail, Trevis said.

“[These incidents] are very rare,” Trevis said. “I don’t recall, as of late, us having to take any student into custody for public intoxication. It’s rare.”

He added that if bystanders see someone in physical or emotional distress, they should call the police because the individual may require medical attention.

“You don’t know if they’re passed out because of alcohol, drugs, a medical condition, who knows?” Trevis said. “So give us a call so we can respond to these kinds of things.”

The El Camino College Police Department is located in Parking Lot K near the intersection of Redondo Beach and Crenshaw boulevards and can be reached at (310) 660-3100.