ASO elections to be held in late-May

Spring elections for the Associated Student Organization (ASO) will be held at El Camino College the week of Monday, May 27, ASO officials said.

ASO President Joseph Mardesich, a business major, said candidate applications are still available in the ASO Executive Office located inside the Student Activities Center and online.

To qualify, candidates must be enrolled in a minimum of six units at EC while maintaining a 2.0 GPA, according to the candidate petition.

However, disabled students who may be limited to fewer than six units by a Special Resource Center counselor may be exempt from this rule.

Student Trustee candidates must be enrolled in 7 units and maintain a 2.5 GPA.

All positions, including ASO President, will be available but Mardesich added that students wanting to run for a Senate Executive Officer position need to petition 50 signatures from EC students. Lower positions require 25 signatures.

For more candidate requirements visit: