Campus police hold non-student at gunpoint

Campus police held a male non-student at gunpoint near the South Gym Monday, April 1, at 7:50 a.m., after a female student reported seeing a gun, authorities said.

El Camino College police Sgt. Gary Robertson said a female student was passing through the South Gym when the non-student made threats that he may hurt someone or himself.

“He seemed like he might have been suffering some sort of mental distress, something like that,” Robertson said.

Roberston said police found the non-student wandering outside the South Gym, evaluating and searched him for weapons.

No weapons were found and he was transported to a local facility for treatment and evaluation, Robertson said.

Despite there being no weapon found, Robertson said this was considered a “priority one call,” in which police was able to locate the non-student within 90 seconds of receiving the call.