EC President addresses swastika incident

EC President and Superintendent Dena Maloney addressed the incident of a swastika being discovered inside an elevator on the El Camino College campus through an email made out to students on March 25.

In black marker, the swastika was discovered inside an elevator located in the Art and Behavioral Science Building on Feb. 26, as reported by The Union on March 22.

Maloney said in the email the recent discovery of the swastika was disturbing, these kinds of acts have no place at EC and that EC stands for inclusion and tolerance.

“Let’s continue to exemplify our values,” Maloney said at the end of her email. “As we do, we’ll keep our El Camino College community safe, supportive, and strong.”

Although the incident was discovered close to a month prior to Maloney’s email, her message to students went out three days after The Union reported on the incident.