Police Beat Sept. 17-27

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Monday, Sept. 17, at 8:31 a.m. A student in the Humanities Building reported feeling sick and dizzy but refused any medical treatment or transportation to the Health Center.

Student arrested

Monday, Sept. 17, at 9:56 a.m. A student was arrested in Student Services, Room 203, after making statements about wanting to hurt other people and joining ISIS. The student was arrested, booked by the Torrance Police Department, and given a 14-day campus restriction.

Anxiety/panic attack

Tuesday, Sept. 18, at 10:37 a.m. A student in the ITEC building, near Room 222 was attempting to prevent themselves from having a full anxiety/panic attack, went outside and collapsed on the floor. The student was transported to Gardena Memorial Hospital.


Wednesday, Sept. 19, at 6:53 p.m. A student in the Art Building, Room 125, reportedly slid down their chair, struck their head on the floor and had a seizure for two to three minutes while working on a project. The student was transported to Gardena Memorial Hospital.

Chest pains

Thursday Sept. 20, at 12:44 p.m. An employee reported to the Health Center after experiencing chest pains while inside the Music Building. Officers suggested the employee go to the hospital but the employee refused.

Mental Health

Thursday Sept. 20, at 4:04 p.m. A student in the Health Center had threatened to hurt themselves and said they hear voices in their head that say that their family would be better of without them or that the student should jump off a building, landing on their head. The student was taken to the Exodus Medical Center where they were put on psychiatric hold.

Drug paraphernalia

Thursday Sept. 20, at 9:09 p.m. A subject was stopped in Alondra park after they were spotted swinging a large machete at a tree. Upon inspection, the subject was found in possession of Methamphetamine, Methamphetamine paraphernalia, and was booked by the Torrance Police Department.

Mental Health

Tuesday, Sept. 25, at 8:31 a.m. A student who has a previous history of reporting potentially harming themselves, sent an email to to an off-duty police officer that said they were feeling depressed. The appropriate employees were notified but when the same student sent multiple messages that week, the student was transported to the Harbor UCLA Medical Center.


Wednesday Sept. 26, at 1:15 p.m. A student was robbed by two subjects in Parking Lot K as they were about to place money in their backpack. The suspect fled and the victim was unable to identify the suspect nor did the victim want to press charges.

Chest Pains

Thursday Sept. 27, at 11:52 a.m. A student in the Kinesiology Module reported chest pains upon finishing exercising in their Physical Education class. The student was transported to Gardena Memorial Hospital.

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