An Integrated Plan for Student Success discussed by Board of Trustees

A variety of education topics were discussed among the members who were present on the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, Nov. 20.

Board of Trustees president Kenneth A. Brown welcomed an new audience of students who were present during the meeting.

“I appreciate you (students) for taking some time. This is the opportunity to view how the Board of Trustees conducts business in the community college district,” Brown said.

One of the subjects that was introduced during the meeting was the EC Classified Employment Salary Schedule. The discussion focused on percentage increase.

The Academic Senate discussed its support on new adjunct faculty members and new resources for student courses, a presenter from Compton College discussed new plans to encourage students to enroll during the winter and spring semesters.

Brown and President Dena Maloney both congratulated the athletic department for its win and season. President Brown closed the meeting wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Another topic discussed during the meeting was the Integrated Plan for Student Success, which focuses on a new planning model for student success, basic skills for English as a second language, transferable courses, according to the 2017 to 2019 Integrated Plan draft.

Maloney introduced the presenters from the Integrated Plan program, Cesar Jimenez and Scott Kushigmachi.

The plan was not approved during this meeting but it was stated and approved during the previous meeting.

Scott Kushigmachi covered The Integrated Plan for the Student Success Program (SSSP), Student Equity (SE) and the Basic Skills Initiative (BSI) promotes its five plans and goals on helping students achieve higher in their academics to transition into transferable courses such as math and English and its budgets.

Kushingmachi introduced some of the five goals for the Integrated Plan during the meeting.

“The goal here is to increase transfer level achievement rates in math and English for students who test below college level, while decreasing the time to complete a transfer level course,” Kushingmachi said during the meeting.

Cesar Jimenez highlighted the program’s plan on student equity and success. Jimenez said that the proposal will continue to move forward for a final approval by the Chancellor’s Office on Jan. 21.

“”In our campus and throughout the state there is an increasing awareness that many skills students are getting stuck in the basic skill sequence,” Kushingmachi said. “Our hope is to achieve and address that problem to increase success in that area.”