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Student government members resign after failed impeachment

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Seven voted to impeach, eight voted to not, one did not vote and several members were not present.

Following the failed impeachment of the Associated Student Organization’s President, Eman Dalili, several members have resigned from their positions: former-vice president Hannah Chu, former-director of human resources Tiffany Ushijima and former senator of health and sciences Syrah Navid.

Navid and Chu resigned over the weekend, while Ushijima submitted her resignation on Tuesday night.

At the ASO meeting on Thursday, May 18, the directors voted to keep Eman Dalili, 21, as the current ASO president.

This decision caused a conflict of interest between its current members, Ushijima, 20, said. She added that the reason she and other cabinet members voted against Dalili was because of his failure of holding responsibilities.

From April 12 through May 18, Dalili has had a total of two unexcused absences, according to the Director of Human Resources’ attendance sheet.

“I think this is a statement towards (any future president), if you’re our leader then you should lead,” Hanna Chu, 20, vice president, said.

Greg Toya, director of student development, was unavailable to meet to discuss details regarding the attempted impeachment.

“ASO is a student organization so please follow up with students for the story,” Toya said in an email.

Details regarding disagreements between Dalili and ASO cabinet members remained unmentioned.

“There was a personal vendetta against me and it wasn’t even close to passing,” Dalili said.

ASO has fundraised, passed and purchased five flowater stations in a short amount of time and saved students tens and thousands of dollars. They have left behind a lot of strong ideas for the future ASOs, including charging stations and a new lounge area, Dalili said.

“It was (proven) during the last meeting which is why the senate overwhelmingly voted to keep me as president,” Dalili said. “In the eyes of the senate, and in the eyes of the administration we’ve been one of the best (student governments).”

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Student government members resign after failed impeachment