World Tour Festival gives students an opportunity to learn about other cultures

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Clubs represented a variety of countries and gave students a chance to explore other cultures at the World Tour Festival on Tuesday, May 16.

Clubs and campus organizations set up games and offered food to incentivize students to learn about international cultures.

World Tour Festival

The World Tour Festival took place on the Library Lawn. Photo credit: Emma Dimaggio

“El Camino is a diverse community,” Katherine Lee, 21, psychology major representing the Inter-Club Council, said. “Everyone should know about other cultures and be more informed on how they should approach international students.”

The highest percentages of international students are from China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, according to a list provided by Lehua Tauala, who works with the International Student Program.

“We have students from all over the world. From Mexico, Israel, you name it,” Tauala said.

international student program

Lehua Tauala sits with the booth for the International Student Program. Photo credit: Emma Dimaggio

Other clubs used their participation in the festival to raise awareness for issues abroad.

“We’re selling Krispy Kreme donuts and all of our donations are going to go to the White Helmets,” said Susan Reyes, 19, an environmental science major representing the Science Club, said. “They’re volunteers based in Syria who help civilians when a disaster strikes, such as a missile strike or a bomb.”

science club syria

Science Club set up a game to test student's knowledge on geography, specifically whether or not they know where Syria is located. Photo credit: Emma Dimaggio

El Camino College hosts international students from 41 different countries, according to the list provided by Tauala.

The World Tour Festival gave students the opportunity to delve into these different cultures.

“We are immigrants here. I think it’s important for American students to know about Chinese stuff,” Dijon Wang, 21, premed major and member of the International Club, said. “I know it’s difficult for us to live right here, but if we combine the two cultures together, I think we can contribute a lot.”


ASB set up a ping pong game for the festival. They raffled off prizes that included tickets to Aquarium of the Pacific, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and AMC movie tickets. Photo credit: Emma Dimaggio

south korea

The Inter-Club Council set up a booth centered around South Korean culture. Photo credit: Emma Dimaggio

international club

International Club set out a variety of different items and trinkets related to Chinese culture. Photo credit: Emma Dimaggio


Some of the snacks offered by the Inter-Club Council at their South Korea booth. Photo credit: Emma Dimaggio

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