Academic Senate announces plans for new computers in the Art and Behavioral Sciences and Music buildings

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The Art and Behavioral Sciences Building as well as the Music Building will be receiving new computers, as announced in the Academic Senate Meeting on Tuesday, April 18.

Pete Marcoux, Vice President of Academic Technology, let senate members know that 200 new computers had been ordered.

The Library will also be receiving a number of new computers.

“We’re moving away from Dell. We’re going to be ordering for the library some HP, said Marcoux. “They’re cheaper and more functional.”

Most of the computers being upgraded are faculty desktops, which typically sit on top of the lectern at the front of the classroom.

“For the Art and Behavioral Science (Building), they’re trying to get all the computers on a life cycle, so it’s going to be a regular thing rather than just waiting until they die,” Marcoux said.

This technology upgrade hopes to improve overall computer functionality.

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