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Board of trustees reviews progress of task force aimed at helping AB540 students

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The task force aimed to help coordinate communications and campus issues of AB540 students was reviewed by the board of trustees on Monday, April 17.

AB540, or Assembly Bill 540, allows students who meet certain requirements to pay in-state tuition fees at any UC, CSU, or California community college, according to the law.

The task force works together to figure out different ways to inform students, faculty members and staff members who have concerns with the potential changes in federal policies.

We had to make sure we had information that was out there so we created a list of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) and posted it on the EC page, Dipte Patel, chair of the task force said.

Many students are expressing some concerns about transferring to universities, and wondering what resources might be available for them once they transfer.

The task force is in the process of scheduling trainings with local CSU (California State University) administrators to help provide informative sessions for students, Patel said.

Students have created a student empowerment series and there is an event every month. They have even created a club named “Students of Color United,” Patel said.

“It’s quite responsive, and I think that’s the important part, continuing to trying to gather what’s important,” Patel said.

“Do we know of any students who have been directly impacted by some of these enforcement actions that have been occurring?” Vice President of the board of trustees John Vargas said.

Patel had no information about a specific case of a student being exposed to federal issues as far as a deportation notice, but did have information on students who are beginning to live in fear.

President Ken A. Brown, shares great interest with being updated on further calendar events regarding the task force and wants to make sure information is getting out to students.

“I would love to hear from the students directly (about the matter),” Brown said.

Patel has gotten in contact with a faculty member who was not named during the meeting, but also happens to be an immigration lawyer.

“He has been presenting at these workshops, not in a legal way, but in an informative way,” Patel said.

The Dreamer’s Task Force, is in the process of putting together an AB540 resource guide and hopes to address all the information to students in that way as well.

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The student news site of El Camino College
Board of trustees reviews progress of task force aimed at helping AB540 students