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Geology students take part in annual mineral show

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The South Bay Lapidary and Mineral Society hosted their sixty eight “Nature Treasure” show at the Miller Recreational Hall in the Torrance Community Center, Sunday afternoon.

Every year twelve El Camino geology students volunteer to set up and dismantle the show. Students get the opportunity to volunteer and get involved with community organizations.

“The show allows students to see how Geology is being used by the non-geologist, we have people here that are regional experts in opals, petrified wood, fossils and fluorescent minerals so students get to talk to experts about thinks we don’t necessarily get to talk in class,” professor Joe Holliday said.

Artisans displayed cases and skilled demonstrations of rough rocks, minerals, poised stones and attendees could sift through many slabs, bid on treasures at the silent auction, shop and take a spin at the wheel of fortune.

“We get to interact with people who are already in the field as well and talk to people who are professionals. This is a good time to be able to not only to get the experience but to interact,” Christina Kitamikado, geophysics major, said.

The event was organized by the South bay Lapidary Mineral Society a totally volunteer organization that consist of a couple dozen people. The organization put the show up as their big fundraiser and an opportunity to sell from their individual booths.

“I think being able to give your time or just giving in general gives out a message that we are all in this together, specially something small as geology,” Christina Kitamikado, geophysics major, said.

This connection between El Camino and Community groups started by the founder of the geology department Waldo Ford, he was a long term member and he came up with the idea of having the local proceeds go toward scholarships.

“I think it is great they are handing out scholarships to students in this field, it is great that the community is giving back to the schools as well as the school giving back to the community,” Steve Waugh, geology major, said.

The Waldo Ford Foundation has given and average of 3 scholarships a year, which has helped students get other scholarships or get into grad schools.

“The Wally Ford Scholarship just keeps on giving because students are applying for Masters programs, PhD. Programs, T.A. positions and because it is on their resume it keeps helping them throughout their whole career,” Holliday said.

The Mineral Society meets one Tuesday every month.

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Geology students take part in annual mineral show