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El Camino faculty members vote to ratify salary increase proposal from district

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Faculty members voted to ratify the salary increase proposal on March 3, an officer of the Teacher’s Union said in an email.

Chris Jeffries, El Camino counselor and Union officer, said the vote was 211 to 33 and the raise is in favor of a ratification proposed by the district.

A five percent increase the first year, one percent in the second year, or cost of living adjustment or (COLA), and COLA in the third year.

The initial goal is a six percent increase the first year, four percent the second year and three percent the third year, Jeffries said.

“I’ve seen the professors protest with the five percent fliers across campus a couple years ago,” Shanice James, 21, Child Development Major said. “So it’s great to finally see that their fight is over.”

Ann Garten, El Camino’s Community Relations Director said in an email that there is currently nothing to comment on this time as the union members are in the process of voting.

The El Camino Teacher’s Union attended a school board meeting on Monday, Nov. 21, 2016 to protest the proposal of an annual one percent salary increase.

The negotiations had been talked about since August of last year.

Communications professor Mark Crossman represented the Union before the closed session to object the district’s proposal.

“Our competitive salary has decreased over the years,” Crossman said. “The difference: Cerritos (community college) is offering a 10 percent raise versus here (El Camino) is offering one percent. The difference is $15,000 a year.”

After 12 years of working as a part-time instructor, Nancilyn Burruss has realized the pay isn’t enough to get by.

It’s not just about just wanting a raise, it’s about being paid for all the actual work the teachers do.

“I figured out my pay one day (and) you guys think ‘oh they make some money,’” Burruss said. “When you take the grading papers, the prepping, and the time spent outside class with students, I figured out (that) my pay is $2.50 to $3.50 an hour.”

Some students even feel that it’s necessary for the raise to happen.

“The professors do deserve the raise because they put in a lot of time and effort to ensure students get a clear understanding in their respected course,” Fredy Sandoval, 20, aerospace engineer major said.

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El Camino faculty members vote to ratify salary increase proposal from district